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PLAYLEARN CONCEPT SRL, CUI 38420290, J40 /18258/30.10.2017, located in Str. Nicolae Constantinescu, nr. 5, Camera 2, Bloc 14, Sc.A, Etaj 3, Ap.14, will be further named PLAYLEARN CONCEPT.

Access and use of the website is subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. The use of implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions, with all the related consequences.


1. Access

The purpose of using is to obtain information about the services provided by PLAYLEARN CONCEPT. Any use for purposes other than this is not permitted.

PLAYLEARN CONCEPT does not assume responsibility for the security of this site or your communication with it.


1.2 Terms

The term "user" of defines any natural or legal person who will access this website.


2. Copyright, mark and intellectual property


PLAYLEARN CONCEPT provides free access to the website and authorizes you to view the information available on it.

The copyright for the information on this site is solely owned by PLAYLEARN CONCEPT. No material on this site may be reproduced in part, completely or modified without prior permission, by written agreement by PLAYLEARN CONCEPT.

The content of, the logos, the texts, the images, the films and any other materials present on the site are protected by copyright law and are the property of PLAYLEARN CONCEPT or its suppliers.

3. Disclaimer of litigations

Any possible dispute regarding is within the jurisdiction of the joint law courts in Romania.


4. Rules of use

Not allowed:

- copying, multiplying, distributing, archiving the texts, images, and films available on without a prior written agreement by PLAYLEARN. Violation of this rule entails civil or criminal liability.


5. Availability of the service


PLAYLEARN CONCEPT reserves the right to modify site content or even discontinue availability without prior notice. PLAYLEARN CONCEPT is not liable to the user, any third party, legal entity or institution to modify the content or to discontinue the availability of the website.

The terms and conditions of use of may be exchanged by PLAYLEARN CONCEPT at any time, and shall become effective at the time of their publication.


6. Loss of liability


By accepting to use, expressly and implicitly, you understand and agree to the following:

- the use of is at your own risk. PLAYLEARN CONCEPT expressly absolves all liability of any kind.


7. Limitation of liability

PLAYLEARN CONCEPT will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from accessing is provided in this form without any other warranties. PLAYLEARN CONCEPT is not and can not be held responsible for inconsistencies, unavailability or other defects of or its content.


8. Confidentiality and personal information

Personal information made available to PLAYLEARN CONCEPT in order to receive or use certain services is protected under Law 677/2001.

By filling in fields from online registration forms, users agree to be contacted in future by PLAYLEARN CONCEPT.

PLAYLEARN CONCEPT is not responsible for attacks targeting theft or vandalism that could lead to disclosure or compromise of data.

9. Cookie policy


We use cookies to improve the use and functionality of our site and to better understand how visitors use our site, as well as the tools and services we offer.

Storing cookies on your computer provides an easy and convenient way for us to personalize or improve your experience on our site and make the next visit more enjoyable. 

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